1) N-UNCOUNT: usu N n If countries or groups involved in a war or violent conflict are discussing peace, they are talking to each other in order to try to end the conflict.

The agreement was reached during peace talks sponsored by the European Community...

Leaders of some rival factions signed a peace agreement last week...

They hope the treaty will bring peace and stability to Southeast Asia.

2) N-UNCOUNT: oft at N If there is peace in a country or in the world, there are no wars or violent conflicts going on.

The President spoke of a shared commitment to world peace and economic development.

...the Nobel Peace Prize.

3) N-UNCOUNT: usu N n If you disapprove of weapons, especially nuclear weapons, you can use peace to refer to campaigns and other activities intended to reduce their numbers or stop their use.

...two peace campaigners accused of causing damage to an F1-11 nuclear bomber...

He campaigned for peace and against the spread of nuclear weapons.

4) N-UNCOUNT: oft in N If you have peace, you are not being disturbed, and you are in calm, quiet surroundings.

All I want is to have some peace and quiet and spend a couple of nice days with my grandchildren...

One more question and I'll leave you in peace.

5) N-UNCOUNT: oft at N If you have a feeling of peace, you feel contented and calm and not at all worried. You can also say that you are at peace.

I had a wonderful feeling of peace and serenity when I saw my husband...

The peace of the Lord be always with you...

I know you will never be at peace until you have discovered where your brother is.

6) N-UNCOUNT: oft in N If there is peace among a group of people, they live or work together in a friendly way and do not quarrel. You can also say that people live or work in peace with each other.

...a period of relative peace in the country's industrial relations...

If you can't live in peace with your little brother then get out of the house.

7) N-IN-NAMES: the N of n The Peace of a particular place is a treaty or an agreement that was signed there, bringing an end to a war. [OLD-FASHIONED]

The Peace of Ryswick was signed in September 1697.

8) See also , Justice of the Peace
9) PHRASE: V inflects If you hold or keep your peace, you do not speak, even though there is something you want or ought to say. [FORMAL]

...people who knew about this evil man but held their peace...

I felt it politic to keep my peace and play the part of the attentive listener.

keep quiet
10) PHRASE: V inflects If someone in authority, such as the army or the police, keeps the peace, they make sure that people behave and do not fight or quarrel with each other.

...the first UN contingent assigned to help keep the peace in Cambodia...

How did your mother succeed in keeping the peace between these two very different men?

11) PHRASE If the law requires you to keep the peace, you must behave well and not cause any trouble in public. [LEGAL]

The demonstrators were bound over to keep the peace.

12) PHR-RECIP: V inflects, PHR with n, pl-n PHR If you make peace with someone or make your peace with them, you put an end to your quarrel with them, often by apologizing.

The President ought to seize this opportunity to make his peace with political parties and negotiate a speedy return to democracy...

All of a sudden she seemed to want to make peace and patch up our quarrel.

13) PHRASE: PHR after v, for PHR If something gives you peace of mind, it stops you from worrying about a particular problem or difficulty.

The main appeal these bonds hold for individual investors is the safety and peace of mind they offer...

He began to insist upon a bullet-proof limousine, just for peace of mind.

14) PHRASE: usu PHR after modal If you express the wish that a dead person may rest in peace, you are showing respect and sympathy for him or her. `Rest in peace' is also sometimes written on gravestones. [FORMAL]
15) PHRASE: usu v-link PHR n If you are at peace with yourself or at peace with the world, you feel calm and contented, and you have no emotional conflicts within yourself or with other people.

Once I knew I was forgiven I could be at peace with myself at last...

They make you relax. They make you feel at peace with the world.

16) to disturb the peacesee disturb

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